Opportunity to be Presenter

We would like to hear from speakers who wish to present their experience and expertise in dealing with Prostate Issues and prevention.

We would welcome presenters, such as:

  • Healthy practitioners
  • Authors and Writers in Health in general and Prostate in particular
  • Patients who had suffered and survived the disease

We would also like to get different perspectives on the subject from various modalities of practice:

  1. Modern Medicine
  2. Naturopathy
  3. Homeopathy
  4. Herbology
  5. Chinese Medicine
  6. Energy Healing
  7. Ayurveda
  8. Holistic Clinical Nutrition

In appreciation of your efforts, we will provide the following valuable publicity:

  1. You will be listed in our Speakers Directory
  2. We will publish your short profile in our newsletter, the Healthy Aging and our brochure about this event.

We encourage speakers to become Professional Member, explore the benefits

We are looking for Sponsors so that we can provide this valuable education and resources free to all. We will appreciate if the speaker or their organization can sponsor LIFE-Talks, our online symposiums.


Please send us synopses of your talk, books and any other related material via email.

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