Our Team

We are assembling a small team of volunteers from various background and experience to carry out the programs:

Current Executive Committee & Advisory Panel:

  1. Max Haroon
  2. Bruce Cole
  3. Vikas Ramrakha
  4. Sarab Sandhu
  5. Kelly Konstantopouli
  6. David Ong
  7. Elayna Bengall
  8. Jay Chauhan

Current Speakers Panel:

  1. Dr. John Stewart
  2. Dr. Hans Schwartz
  3. Dr. Kashif Iqbal
  4. Dr. Cass Ingram
  5. Dr. Irit-Irina Latman
  6. Dr. Iqbal Hussain
  7. Dr. Rohan Shahani

Become a Part of Our Legacy

We invite you or your organization to be participate:

  • To be a speaker
  • To be a Volunteer
  • To be an Advisor
  • To be a Sponsor

The HAI is open to everyone who wishes to live healthy for the rest of their life.

To explore opportunities for presenting and partnership, please email.

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