The Recent health crisis has made us aware of the shortage of health education and to stay healthy. LIFE-Talks is our initiative to provide education (online and annual conference, like TEDx Talks). We will assemble health practitioners from different modalities, traditional and non-traditional to address various basic topics (a short list in given below).

Prostate & Urinary Health: Various Treatment Modalities

A urinary tract infection is very common in women (1 out of 2) and in men (1 out of 10).

Almost all men suffer from Prostate issues, particularly later in their lives. An enlargement (BPH) of the Prostate result in the urinary symptoms (50% of men above 50 years, suffers from it). On the other end, Prostate cancer (the second most common cancer) remains non-symptomatic for a long time.

Considering its prevalence prevention treatment is a better choice (like every disease). The prevention begins with education and the Healthy Aging Institute is assembling a panel of health practitioners under various modalities to educate the public.

The panel will consist of practitioners from many traditional and non-traditional modalities plus researchers from various organizations, authors and patients who have successfully survived.

We are planning seven online symposiums covering various modalities on this subject, once a week, each lasting 60 minutes.

There is no registration fee to attend, but we request a donation to continue with this mission.

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Some links about various studies and articles on the prostate and Urinary health are provided.


  1. Imperatives to Aging and Longevity
  2. Cognitive Decline
  3. Holistic Dental Health
  4. Depression
  5. Mobility
  6. Nutrition
  7. The Hormonal Fountain of Youth
  8. Frailty/Sarcopenia
  9. Cardiovascular Disease
  10. Immune Systems and Aging
  11. The Merchants of Immortality
  12. Systems in Geriatrics
  13. Detoxification
  14. Food as medicine
  15. Oral Health
  16. Stress and Yoga
  17. Various Healing Modalities
  18. Personal Care Products
  19. Exercises

To explore opportunities for presenting and partnership, please email.

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